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Discussion in 'Projection lenses' started by Peter, Jun 20, 2003.

  1. Peter

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    What is the maximum power that is supported by either of these two technologies.

    We have a 30w Argon system, that we would be quite keen to run through one of these devices.

    Is this possible, or would that kill it!


    Peter Ranson
    Laser Attraction
  2. Pangolin

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    Hi Peter,

    A 30W argon would be no problem for the Discoscan since the only thing that limits the power is the coatings, which are all very high quality anti-reflective coatings.

    For The Dazzler, it would depend on what you do with the 30 watt beam. If you park it, with the intention of placing the entire 30 watt beam in one place that never moved, it would probably burn the reflector since The Dazzler is a combination of a lens that pre-focuses the beam, and a reflector which amplifies the scan angle. But if you are always moving the beam around scanning sheets of light or graphics, then it would work fine. If you did an array of beams, and you had a sufficient number of beams, this would reduce the average power experienced by any one spot on the reflector and this too would be acceptable. On The Dazzler, the reflector is the most sensitive part of that system, but we only charge $100 for replacement reflectors.

    The decision of which device to use -- Dazzler or Discoscan -- is generally application dependent and that is why we always seek a pre-sale dialog so that we can make sure you get the right device for the job.