Maximum FPS with Max and Flash

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  1. Nathan-G

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    Can anyone help me?
    I am researching laser systems that could display animated 2D vector shapes very quickly. Ideally about 500 FPS. Can any Pangolin products do this? If not through Flash or Max, could it be done though custom code direct to the laser driver?
  2. masterpj

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    The "framerate" is dependant on the amount of points you have per frame and the scanrate you are running your scanners at

    So for 500fps you can only have 60 points per frame with 30kpps scanners (running at 30 000 points per second) including blanking and corner points. Which is not a lot. It will be very basic shapes at small angles or with rounded corners.

    The software can do it no problem it's more about the scanners.

    Why do you need this extreme framerate exactly?