memory issues (windows standby memory)

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    Hi all,

    someone noticed the memory problem in QS?

    im running a windows 7 system with 6gb of ram.
    when i put a lot of ques in my workspace qs gives me a notice that it runs out of memory, when i try to save the workspace and load again it lost a lot of cues/audio files. need to spend a lot of time fixing it again and again.

    when i open task manager and look a memory usage it shows that i have at least 2,5-3GB unused memory.

    now today i used a tool to see exactly whats in my ram. (RamMap)
    the tool shows me that 95% of the other memory is used as standby memory. and indeed no memory is left, so in that part qs is right. there is noting left.

    as far as i know windows catches a lot more memory then it needs to(next to the standard ram use), but in case a program needs more memory the system clears the standby memory so it can be used as normal memory.

    now here is my question. why cant quickshow tell windows to clear the standby memory and use it.
    only 2,5-3GB is used when running quickshow with 2 tabs of timeline shows.

    when i clear the memory manual from the rammap tool. qs run smooth and not any memory failures. at least for a while till windows pumps up the memory again

    with kind regards
    robbert loos
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    One thing to understand is that QuickShow is a 32 bit program and can only see 2 to 3GB of RAM max no matter how much you have installed. There is no way for QS to tell the OS to free up more memory as far as I know.