Merging Show Modules & Frame Offset

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by Laser Dude, Nov 3, 2003.

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    Merging Show Modules & Frame Offset


    I recently prepared a show that merged 8 separate show modules. I made the mistake of adding the modules to the merged show before adding the Frame Offset to each module. I dragged them to the timeline and then adding the frame offset. Much to my surprise, the first module on the timeline had frame references over 25000.

    Can the "Add Frame Offset" screen be changed to only modify the selected show module(s) on the timeline?

    Is there a good reason it is setup the way it currently works?

    I also think it would be easier if the "Add Frame Offset" command is moved to the Module List window instead of the timeline window.
    1) Select the module in the Module list.
    2) Open the "Add Offset" window.
    3) Have the dialog box show the lowest and highest frame numbers used in the selected module.
    4) Allow the user to enter the new frame number for the first frame in the module rather than an offset value.
    5) Click OK and close the window.

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    Re: Merging Show Modules & Frame Offset

    I've done a bit of this (and will be doing much more), and I agree that being able to offset individual shows or modules without affecting others would be very useful.

    Also, what are the maximum number of shows, modules, scenes, and effects that can be used at one time up to?
    We are looking to combine a dozen or more songs into one file and don't want to hit into any barriers.