Merging Workspaces and Adding Multiple Frames to a Page

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    Quick introduction... I'm Dity. I'm from Detroit, but I live in Orlando now and DJ downtown. I just picked up an skywriter rgb from X-laser, and have been blown away by the capabilities of RGB lasers. I'm having a ton of fun with the built in workspace that comes with Quickshow, but I wanted to tap into effects other users have uploaded.

    I downloaded the "Periodic Elements" workspace yesterday from, and I really like the frames it comes with. When I open it up, it opens as new workspace. Is it possible to take those pages from the workspace and move them over to the pangolin "QS Workspace Version 2.0"?

    Also I downloaded a bunch of folders that were packaged sets of frames (i.e. badger1666 que pack). Is it possible to import a batch of frames onto a new page in the workspace that I'm using?

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    In QuickShow the only way to merge them would be to save out the individual cues or animations to files and then load each file into a cue in the workspace you want it.

    This is really a situation where you are looking for something in QuickShow that is actually a feature in BEYOND. In BEYOND you can save individual pages from a workspace into its own page, Open/add a page to a workspace, save every cue within a page to a folder, and save every cue in a workspace to a folder.
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    Let's title this feature request then

    Thank you for your prompt response Aaron.

    I believe this feature would enhance usability quite a bit for your target consumer group, people new to animation lasers looking for an "easy" way to get started.

    Either that or maybe if you could drag and drop frames from a folder in Windows onto ques in a page, that would save users quite a bit of time.

    Please keep these ideas in mind when releasing your next update.

    (I agree that Beyond looks like an incredible piece of software for lighting professionals doing amphitheater performances, however I think the regular bar/club hobbyist with a lower-end laser such as myself would never tap into its rich capabilities. I have still yet to use the QuickTrace feature in QS and I could only afford 1 laser)
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    Your down the street from me!

    I just realized your down the street from me Aaron :sillylol:

    I work at the Darden Restaurants headquarters at Taft-Vineland and John Young Pkwy :D