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    I am surprised that know one has asked this yet.

    Will LD2000 work as is with Microsoft Vista?
    If so, are there any know issues?
    If not, what are Pangolin's current plans in this regard.

    John Birchman, CTS
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    Hi John,

    So far we have a few users running VISTA. The only problem is that during the installation of the QM2000 driver, the user is informed that the driver has not been signed by Microsoft (most drivers have not...) and the potential consequences... Aside from that, it should work fine...

    We will have to devise a new driver installation method so that people will not have to see this "driver has not been signed" wording...

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    Re: Microsoft Vista ** UPDATED INFORMATION **

    We have done more testing with VISTA. Actually Microsoft has five separate versions of VISTA including, at the very top end of the price range, a 32-bit version and 64-bit version. (The "Ultimate" edition of VISTA is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, but all other editions of VISTA are only 32-bit).

    We have tested LD2000 under all versions. LD2000 and Showtime will work fine under all 32-bit versions of VISTA, but there are some problems with the 64-bit version of VISTA Ultimate.

    * First and foremost, the 64-bit version of VISTA Ultimate requires 64-bit device drivers. Currently, we do not have a 64-bit driver for the QM2000, so if you want to use the 64-bit version of VISTA Ultimate, it can only be used with our QM2000.NET or with one or more QM2000s installed on other PCs located on a network. (Note that all of your other hardware will also need to have 64-bit drivers, including printer devices, flat-bed scanners, etc. so it could be that the 32-bit version of VISTA Ultimate would be naturally more attractive anyway...)

    * Second, we have found that MP3 playback does not work correctly in Showtime's media player, when using the 64-bit version of VISTA Ultimate. But all other file formats seem to work fine.

    * And lastly, we have found that sound output does not work with our Asteroids laser game with the 64-bit version of VISTA Ultimate.

    These sound problems must be related to the difference between 32- and 64-bit drivers and I am surprised to see these problems, since we only use Microsoft MCI and DirectX functions. (Frankly, this feels like a Windows-related bug to me, and it could be that this will be fixed with future service packs of the 64-bit version of VISTA Ultimate.)

    Keep watching this thread for the latest news about LD2000 and VISTA.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
    Pangolin Laser Systems
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    Re: Microsoft Vista ** UPDATED INFORMATION **

    Thanks for the update. Going to install vista business soon ;)
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    I already installed windows 7 on my laptop and until now (with itunes closed) i have no problem at all. I have tested almost all tools , and even with UAC enabled, its stil running like sunshine.
    I have to say that i have disabled ipv6, cause of the useless generated network packages.