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    I'm looking for a way to control the lasers color through a midi. I currently am a VJ using an apc 40 mk2 with resolume. I was thinking of using a midi looper such as loopMIDI to control resolume and quickshow at the same time with the APC.

    I also have a MPK mini mk2 that i've been able to connect to quick show. I have been able to set up some things through the "Learn" function for black out and quick effects, but all I really need is a way to control the color.

    I'm hoping to have the lasers match the color of the visual clips I have on the screen. Was hoping to have it work with a knob or fader on either of the controllers. otherwise I would need to have both programs up, controlling them with the mouse, or have a 2nd computer all together.
    My only other idea was to manually make a show sequence for each color, and have them as different cues. (1 red, 1 blue, ect) and switch between them.

    The only thing I need to control is the colors. I was just going to have them running on a Auto LJ show. but customer wants lasers to match color. Any ideas?
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    This documentation describes how you can address colors on the APC40 MKII on midi.
    But there is no way to get the colors from a cue and send those through midi to the midi controller.

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