MIDI controller in QuickShow

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by Laseronics, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Laseronics

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    Anyone using MIDI controllers with Quickshow?
    I have a few questions on asigning ques to beam targets.
    How to make a que "Learn" a midi command...
  2. smokeAndMirrors

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    You can't change the assignment of cues on an individual basis. What you can do is change the first note that represents the top left cue in the the grid. Then the next one along is one semitone up, and so on (left->right, top->bottom).

    What you can learn is the MIDI mappings for live control. This is done in the separate "MIDI Live Control" dialog. I use a Korg nanoKontrol for controlling the live parameters, and a touchscreen laptop for cue selection. That's a much more intuitive way of controlling QS. However, it is limited. When you have multiple projectors, you can't control individual parameters (as far as I can tell) - just the global ones. Maybe LivePro is better equipped for that?
  3. hca80

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    Midi o yeah

    I (Try to) use a Akai APC 40 with a midi translator, it took me night (a lot of btw) to get the most out of it, like using the quickeffects by translating a midi input into a mose movement --> rock n roll... but it looks like that quickshow have some troubles cause after a little while working fine, the midi in does not work the way i want it... so i was checking my 900 commands again and again... and it's not the translator, it's Pango...

    Big BUT i don't expect from such anice product for that nice price that it can handle what i wish... that was the reason why i bougth a Livepro and a LD

    I always say ... you get what you pay for... and now i have the flexibility and i'm happy...

    i will try midi input after the next big Quickshow update,,, but for now... if my clients want more... the have to pay...