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    Im trying to send midi APC over remote desktop I manager to see it on my remote machine in Device manager but when I run beyond it wont see the device. Any ideas please.
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    I run Remote Destkop, so that I can have my machine with 4 QM2000 backstage with short cable runs to the heads Back of house running with laptop wirelesses connected. I have Behrigner BCF-2000 and FCB-1010 midi controllers.

    Remote Desktop will not send midi.

    I purchased ipMIDI, which will send midi over ethernet. I have found it very reliable. http://www.nerds.de/en/ipmidi.html

    On the laptop end, you need a midi mapper (MidiTrix http://www.hermannseib.com/english/miditrix.htm) to map the physical midi controller in/out ports to map to ipMIDI.

    At the remote end, you set Beyond MIDI in/out port to be ipMIDI.

    For my setup, I also have a batch file run on the remote computer on startup that detects if it can connect to my office router for 'office mode.' If it can't it automatically starts a wireless personal network for gig mode. In that way only have to plug it all together without a display/mouse/keyboard (though I have in my kit for a backup).

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    I managed to get it to work with rtpmidi but you must make the audio in remote desktop play sound on remote machine then work great.