Midi setting are not saved for apc40

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  1. snuf

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    Went to "Settings" and MIDI Devices - Settings. At the bottom, in the window it said "Warning: Akai APC40 not found." In the drop down box at the top for Device 1, the only option to click was USB Audio Device. I click on "Configure" and steered it to the BEYONDMIDIMAP file. Then i can use the apc and i have to do this every time! Is there a way to save this setting?
    And is the warning a problem?
  2. bosik

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    what version of you're beyond
  3. tarm

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    Akai problem

    Hi, i have the same problem! Any solutions now????

  4. Pangolin

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    Please let us know what version of BEYOND you are using. We have done many updates to the MIDI portion and it could be that the problem you are experiencing has been solved in a newer version.

    Note that currently, the only way to receive updates is by writing directly to Pangolin and requesting them. We have not yet added a link to the web site for general download.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  5. Pangolin-Dealer

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    Hi Bill i have the same Problem. I am Working with Beyond Version 1.60 Build 509

    Best Regards

  6. bosik

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    and version of apc40 script?
  7. Pangolin

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    Please contact me directly by email and we'll get the latest version of BEYOND into your hands, along with the latest APC settings too. We are currently up to build number 528.

    Best regards,

    William Benner