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  1. How can I start a show on the time-line in Beyond using MIDI?

    Wait for MIDI ... , ..., ...
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    I am sure there are multiple ways to do this but I would use PangoScript to assign one of your MIDI controller's buttons to send a "Play" command that will start the playback of the current show on the timeline editor. In the PangoScript Editor this command is under the Timeline Editor category.

    I suspect most people would save their show to a cue, then play that cue via MIDI.
  3. Yes, my question refers to PangoScript:

    What is the code to start a timeline show from a specific MIDI key?

    Wait for MIDI ... , ..., ...
  4. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    PlayTimeline is what I see in that category.
  5. SOLUTION found:

    goto MIDIsettings - "MIDI to PangoScript" -press the wanted MIDI key -enter code: "PlayListPlay"
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    Helped me too, thanks for this question.