MIDI Timecode over Ethernet and Remote Desktop

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    we are discussing technical possibilities for an timecode show planned for an event taking place in 2015 (still lots of time). The show will then play once or twice a day for about a week. It looks like there could be more than 40 projectors be involved, all of them spread around an area of around 4000 square meters. So we are facing some unusual problems/questions:

    - We will be doing lots of individual projections with every single projector and also some more "generic" beam fx.
    - we can preprogram most of the fx stuff as a timecode show, but most of the projection parts need to be finished at the venue as they are all individual to exhibits that won't be finished before then. And we'll only have 2 or 3 nights for setup. So we need to work in parallel at the venue during the nights.

    We will prepare a template timecode show with the "common" effects and time all markers.
    At the venue, we use multiple Laptops, each of them controlling a few lasers. This makes it possible to work in parallel during the programming nights at the venue. For the show, all these Laptops need to be synced via timecode.
    As we need some way of doing backups and copying frames from one laptop to the other, we'll have to setup a network anyway.

    So far, I guess this is how anybody would approach this, my questions are:
    - has anybody had experience with MTC over Ethernet? There are some software solutions available, I have used some, but not enough experience to be sure it works fine with a dozen clients in the network? I'd prefer that to external smpte interfaces and the additional cabling...

    - just being curios: What remote desktop solutions are you using? I've been using RDP, VNC and external hardware. External hardware gives me the best feeling, but I've never had problems with RDP or VNC either. Any comments or experiences with bigger setups?

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