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  1. Marnic

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    Yes we disable the fb3 style dmx in control.
    We can't find the problem unfortunately.
  2. ENOT

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    Hi Guys,

    The answer:

    Brightness param(1)*100

    For DMX linked scripts param(1) return normalized value of channel and param(2) return dmx value "as is", from 0 to 255.

    In case of such problems I recommend to use DisplayPopup command and see what is result of ExtValue(). Or, use qlog command for logging.

    The second thing to test is command itself. Simple way to do it - PangoScript editor. Run by one line, and use constants like:

    Brightness 50
    Brightness 30

    BEYOND 699B has a problem DMX to PangoScript script activization code, related to ExtValue. Param(1) and Param(2) work correctly.

    This problem already fixed in 2.1

    Best Regards,
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    Hey Alexey,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I've tried param(1) and param(2) with a dmx controller and it works!
    I will take a look to Beyond Advanced 2.1 in the future.

    Thanks for the help Bob and Alexey.

    Best regards,

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    Time Control Fun(ctions)

    Hi All,

    So the functions I really want to map are on the Time Control tab in some versions, and in others on the Master tab. In my version (2.0 SLE) they are on the Time Control tab. I can't figure out what command would map to the spinning disc, as well as the Reverse Playing Cues button. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind being able to map all 4 of the buttons on that tab. Anyone have any ideas? If I can get the spinning disc mapped to an encoder and the others mapped to buttons, I'll be a happy clam.
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    2 apcs second grid

    HI Im trying to run apc40 and apc20. I mapped main and secondry frid now i want to extend form the fx grid. So first button on apc20 fx grid i want to start at fx9 per row. Problem is when i press teh button to get the map numbers it gives same as apc40 i need to say apc20 and put in cell 9 but cant get the right number just starts cell 1 i also a, trying on the apc20 to control banks and pages select but for second grid.
  6. Sid Sloth

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    hi I have done midi to second control but seems that it responds to how hard I hit the cue button on my apc for second grid is there a way to turn of pressure, I am trying to make apc 20 control 2nd grid but issues I have it work ok but colours on keys only work if I hit with right sensitivity any help please.
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    i am looking to access time control via pangoscript, to either map to universe button or a midi device, i cant seem to be able to even locate the the pangoscript tab or editor con some one enlighten me? similar request to lulightech. i have SLE 2.0 but am looking for this functionality in beyond 3 essentials (pango script is shown as a feature in essentials)
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    You cannot create or edit Pangoscript with Beyond Essentials. Read & Execute only.

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    Thanks for the prompt response, as i have a SLE 2.0 can i create a script in it and save it to be loaded in essentials? sorry for the ignorance new to this component area of beyond . i have identified the command i want exists i want to establish if i can create pango script >midi or pango script > universe thing then load that into essentials as a read execute function?
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    If you create something in SLE 2.0 you should be able to open it in a newer essentials version, however after opening it in a newer version, there is no way back.
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    Thanks i was looking to map InvertPlayersTime to one of the buttons i dont use much on one of the existing APC 40 patches. I must admit i seem to be making work for my self jumping between SLE2.0 and latest 3.0 build of essentials, i think in the long run, ill update annually from essential to advanced and advanced to ultimate