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    Iam new to Beyond and PangoScript. So sorry, if this is a stupid question:

    I have 2 Midi-Controllers connected to Beyond.
    I want to send a MidiOut-Command to Dev2 to get a LED controlled.

    When I look at the Midi-Montor I see, that Beyond ist sendig to Dev1, because it can't know, where to send. The MidiOut Command just contains the 3 ??x?, ??x?, ??x?-Blocks.

    Is there a way to send the Midi-Out Command to Dev's 2,3,4?

    THX a lot

    BTW: Are there some more Sample-Scripts than in the Helpfile of the Script-Editor? - I could need some ;-)
  2. ENOT

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    There is command SelectMIDI. Examples:

    SelectMIDI 1
    SelectMIDI 2
    SelectMIDI 3
    SelectMIDI 4

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    so easy ....

    Thank you.
    I focused on the MidiOut-Command. In my programmers 'brain' for other languages you normally send all parameters in one function-call. (and in all examples I've never seen the Select-Midi-Command).
  4. ENOT

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    There is simple reason. For scripts that works inside MIDI profile and MIDI to PangoScript, BEYOND set MIDI device index automatically. It allow easily move script from MIDI pair to MIDI pair. Consequence - each Script interpreter has local variable that define MIDI device number. It explain adding command SelectMIDI.