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    At the moment I am using a laptop as a mobile DJ for my Virtual DJ software as well as QLC + for light show and of course Beyond. to drive at the same time.
    Beyond Beyond the Akai APC40 Mk2 for quick control to run in the foreground on the notebook always VDJ. But in the long run, I'm always unhappy to have everything on an noteboook.

    Now I want to buy another notebook with touchscreen or a mini PC (eg Zotac ZBox + touchscreen). This allows me more and faster and more effective lighting options.

    My question now
    Does anyone have an extra computer for Beyond or Light?
    If yes, which system preload settings are necessary for error-free work. Think I7 is not necessary ... right?
    Is currently some notebooks with an Intel Atom CPU with up to 4x1,8 Ghz performance I think in this class it is enough to orient me?
    Would appreciate any practical (self-used) recommendation

    please excuse my bad English

    The best regards from Berlin
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    The minimal system requirements for BEYOND are:

    - 4Gb memory or more
    - Intel i5 or better
    - Intel graphics card HD 4000 or better
    - windows 7 or higher 32 or 64 Bit.
    - 5 Gb free disk space
    - free usb port in case of FB3
    - 100mbit ethernet port or better in case of FB4

    Note that these requirements are based on running BEYOND only.