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    What baud rate (Mb / sec) minimum necessary to use it live pro with a QM2000 net?

    I guess the speed increases with the number of tracks used?

    I noticed that my wireless system makes small blockages in the movement, I do not have that problem if I put a cable between the PC and qm 2000net.
    I'm on Windows XP.

    Thank you.

    ALain :)
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    Dear Alain,

    There is no minimum per se. People have originally operated QM2000.NET and other LD2000 with network methods using 10mBit per second and perhaps even slower back before we came out with the QM2000.NET.

    If you see these pauses, what you can do is turn off the laser preview window (just close it) and/or indicate to the Laser Preview Window that you would like the priority to be on the laser, and not the preview window.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    Sorry for the late reply...

    WiFi networks are not suitable for connecting QM-NET devices.
    Because WiFi is designed for transferring large data blocks. Due to disturbances and interference with radio communications packets may get lost and are then retried and so on - this causes quite some delay and packet-grouping. When surfing on the internet over such connection you don't see any problems.
    But Pangolin QM devices need to transfer large number of small packets in short time. Here the wireless story ends ;)

    Separate chapter is using WiFi on events where guests have smart-phones with WiFi capabilities and everyone wants to see what is on "laser" wireless network - this can render your wifi network totally unusable.
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