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  1. Garrett_502

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    I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to have a simple Mirroring button effect in the universe. Like the lasertech zones standard mirror buttons. I just want to know how to set those up. Anybody? I really just need a way to set up a simple X inversion (mirroring) button for a 2 laser setup.
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    yes me too,look for an explanation on how to create mirroring buttons like lasertech did for my zones.
    are these commands just working in Lasertechs zones? how can I adapt them to my zones?
    ControlZone 1; SizeX 100
    ControlZone 2; SizeX 100; AngleZ 0
    ControlZone 3; SizeX 100
    ControlZone 4; SizeX 100; AngleZ 0
    ControlZone 5; AngleZ 0
    ControlZone 9; SizeX -100; AngleZ 0
    ControlZone 10; SizeX -100
    ControlZone 11; SizeX -100; AngleZ 0
    ControlZone 12; SizeX -100
    ControlZone 22; SizeX 100
    ControlZone 23; SizeX 100; AngleZ 0
    ControlZone 24; SizeX 100
    ControlZone 25; SizeX 100; AngleZ 0
    ControlZone 26; AngleZ 0
    ControlZone 30; SizeX -100; AngleZ 0
    ControlZone 31; SizeX -100
    ControlZone 32; SizeX -100; AngleZ 0
    ControlZone 33; SizeX -100
    ControlZone 34; SizeX 100
    ControlZone 35; SizeX 100; AngleZ 0
    ControlZone 36; SizeX 100
    ControlZone 37; SizeX 100; AngleZ 0
    ControlZone 38; AngleZ 0
  3. ENOT

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    There are multiple ways. The first thing you need to decide is where do mirroring. For this purpose can be used Zone level FX or Zone Live Control or Effect of Zone (defined in Projection Zones dialog).

    Lets consider Live Control method, I think you ask exactly about this way.

    Command based method require two commands. Live Control used in Cues, Zones, Master and ProTracks. Because you need to use command that defines what you want to control. And after that, a command with action:

    ControlZone 1 // send command to 1st projection zone
    SizeX -100 // set size to -100

    One more way is OSC gateway. Following instruction will control zone buy means of internal OSC servers. Script will send command for execution into BEYOND OSC server:

    /beyond/zone/0/sizex -100

    Similar action cab be zone by means of Objects

    Zone[1].SizeX = - Zone[1].SizeX

    This one will do true invert instead of setting exact value

    I recommend to test instruction in PangoScript editor of PangoScript tab. Once you will ensure that code work as you want, insert it into OnMouseDown: section of script (for current version of BEYOND). New version of BEYOND has OnClick event/label, what is similar to OnMouseDown.

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