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    Hi ,

    just got new software and hardware , QM2000 + Beyond etc

    I am trying to find out how i go about assigning a particular midi key to a frame. Our old system worked ok and this one is essentially same one but newer. I run our show and the pc that controls our midi fires of the notes at required time.

    What I see though in showtime is that when the first signal is received the frame (something like) shift+8 (not at that computer so memory might be wrong) plays .Its empty so nothing happens, but how do I assign each section in the show a note that corresponds with the midi signal?

    Sorry if that wasn't very helpful but cant think how to explain it otherwise without huge wall of text.


    I guess no one understands what I mean :(

    Ill try again lol

    When my midi device ( in this case a PC with a bespoke client that runs AV and midi simultaneously ) sends the midi note to the laser (which it does and it is being received ok ) how do I assign that note to a particular frame ?
    At the moment it triggers something like page 2 shift+8 .

    Lots of thanks if you can help me here :))
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    I've tried a distributor of your equipment and software but getting no joy there either.

    Does no one know how the frames are able to know what note they trigger on ,anywhere???

    No help in help files or manual either.
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    MIDI assignments are set using the Beyond 'Settings' menus:

    'Settings' menu / 'MIDI Device settings' menu;

    'MIDI Devices' tab - verify and select your MIDI controller;

    'Input Options' tab - allows you to select the 'First key', which tells Beyond which key on your MIDI controller will be assigned to the first cue (top left cue) in the cue grid. All other cues sequentially follow the notes of your MIDI controller.

    (You can customize even further using PangoScript, but that is a bit more involved...)

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    Woohoo thanks a lot , asked so many folk and none knew :)

    Thanks again :)