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    Hi Folks,

    Hugo Bunk of Laser Image BV had written an email to a client with a lot of good information. He allowed me to re-post it here.


    As I read this mail I understand you want to program and control LD2000 from a laptop, and have your QM2000 located in a remote computer. This is how I work as well.

    Just install LD 2000 on your laptop (I strongly recommend Windows XP) and also install LD2000 on your second (slave) computer (also running XP). On both computers, you will also install the LD2000.DLL network files, found in the LD2000\Network directory. Next, I recommend that you edit your LD2000.INI file on your laptop with the extra text: Network=1 under the line number of boards. (All of this information is described in the text file in the LD2000\Network directory and also in the LD2000 help file.)

    Now about your question:
    On both computers the administrator should have the same name and password

    Install the XP tweak utility program on your slave computer and run the program. You will find almost on the bottom the auto logon feature set the same password as the administrator here. Why?, Your slave computer will auto log on now without the use of a mouse, keyboard and computer after you boot.

    Activate remote desktop in the control panel/system/remote by allowing remote users control your computer. Why? So you can work on your slave computer from your laptop e.g. start the LD2000 network program, shut down your slave computer(via the task manager) etc.

    You can add up to 40 computers with max. 40 qm`s in this network environment.

    Although the LD2000 Network can work with automatic IP addresses, I recommend that you use manual configured IP addresses and make sure you give each computer an unique IP address like and etc. and they must be in the same workgroup. For fast programming you will need 100mb/s (or better)network.

    If you want to use an earlier windows version you will need a mouse keyboard emulator. But I recommend XP!

    Tip: Buy a mini-ITX motherboard just 14x14 cm and $100 including 800 mhz processor for your slave computers This motherboard may also be incorporated directly inside a laser projector.

    Hugo Bunk