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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by lorenzopompei, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. lorenzopompei

    lorenzopompei Active Member

    about morphing into the timeline between two events; if you do not add effects work correctly, but if the first event I add an effect (such as a scale)
    in the second event the effect are reset
    there is a way to animate events while these are morphing ?,
    like in LD2000 was the "animate only" .
    I uploaded a video that explains
  2. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    Thanks for pointing on. You are right, we will fix it. Do not hesitate to contact Pangolin if you see the problem.

  3. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    OK, already fixed, you need recent BEYOND (2.1)

  4. lorenzopompei

    lorenzopompei Active Member

    tanks Alexey!

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