Multi-touch in Beyond/Universe?

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    I've been touchifying my Beyond rig lately with a new touch lappy and a multi-touch external monitor (this one: Link to Amazon). Anyhow, both touch screens are multi-touch, but I'm finding the Beyond Universe not responding to multiple simultaneous touches. Is the Lemur OSC controller app a fix for this issue? Are there any plans to enable Beyond to recognize and process multi-touch natively?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Thanks for question. The framework/compiler that we use for BEYOND project has no support of multi touch.

    Yes, we are planing to move in this direction, but I doubt that the result should be expected any time soon.

    Lemur application is OSC client, it can not fix multi touch in BEYOND. We did some experiments with Lemur`s Pad component (position panel) but this is different story.

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