Multi-Zone Time Shifting in the Timeline?

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    Is there no way to set up a track outputted to multiple zones, and time shift effects in the timeline on that one track? It's easy enough to do at the live cue level, but the time shifting doesn't seem to have an effect in the timeline. It would be much easier than having to send the same cue over multiple tracks and offsetting the effects manually to get the same effect.
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    Hi Garrett,
    There is a way.
    It has to be an effect applied at the event level on the timeline.
    Edit projection zones at the track or event level ( eg add 4 zones)

    Select event, then in the right panel for Event Properties (at bottom) Pangoscript tab

    On Event enter, use this:
    AnimateProp "Master.CueBeatShift", 0, .50, 10

    On Event Leave, use this:
    AnimateProp "Master.CueBeatShift", .50, 0, 10

    (the first number is the start level, the second the finish level, the third is the time in milliseconds it takes to ramp up or down)

    Then add your oscillating effect to the event itself, or (additionally) below on an effect line.

    Also can be added or over ridden live by a universe slider
    linked to Object/Variable Master.CueBeatShift

    An easier way is to just make an event with the script and put it on an effect line anywhere...

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