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  1. Hi, I'm trying to use multiple FB3 interfaces with one quickshow software, can anyone shed a light on how to set up my projection zones to have each FB3 display a different image on the projector is connected to?

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    look at the video help chapter 2&3
  3. Thanks

    Thanks for the tip, I did check the video tutorials...

    One doubt, I'm thinking of driving 6 FB3-s each connected to a projector from a single Quickshow software (Powerful quad-core machine with 4GB RAM), this will be triggered by DMX using an Enttec USB Pro...

    My doubt goes as how to organize my cues? I will have around 60 animations and I need to run 6 simultaneously (one for each projector).

    Any suggestions on how to set this up?
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    You can send any cue to any zone or zones
    You can send cue 1 to zone 1 or 2 or 1&2 or 1-6
    Once all your cues are routed to the right zones you can make combinations
    Lets say that in cue 1 you have a tunnel that is going to zone 1 2 & 3
    And in cue 2 you have a wave that is going to zones 4 5
    & 6
    You play cue 1 & 2 (you have to be in a multi cue mode) so now you have in the preview window a tunnel & a wave
    You drag the preview window to an empty cue
    You can do that only if all you FB3 are connected
    Don’t forget to save your workspace
  5. mutli cue combination...

    Great, thanks for that I didn't know I could drag the preview to make a new preview...

    only doubt is, could I keep combining cues that were previously combined?

    What I mean is let's say I have cue 1 routed to zone 1, cue 2 routed to zone 2 and cue 3 routed to zone 3...

    I play in multicue mode, cue 1 and 2 then that preview I drag to let's say cue 10...
    could I then play cue 3 and 10 and drag that preview once more to let's say cue 20?

    thanks for the help,
    Sorry to be such a newbie, I am very new to quickshow and just want to make sure I am planning my show the right way...
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    Just try & try again and look in the help file and try again
  7. Mutliple FB3s working...

    Hey, once again thanks for the help..
    I hadn't been able to try this out because I had just ordered my other FB3s, I was working with just one...
    So far I have tried it with three and it's all looking good except for one thing...

    I made a cue for each of my projectors, each cue going to a zone on its own, I then used the multicue option to activate all of them, and I dragged the preview to a new empty cue.
    This cue works great when triggered by the keyboard or mouse, the problem is that when I trigger it by DMX using an enttec USB DMX PRO, I see all my cues playing in zone 1... apparently DMX trigger doesn't respect my cue zone setup...

    any help would be appreciated...
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    I've forwarded your question to someone else on the Pangolin team. We'll get back to you with a response shortly.

    By the way, QuickShow can control multiple lasers as long as you have a decent computer. However, even if the computer isn't the greatest it will still work! At the last Lighting Dimensions International tradeshow, we controlled six separate lasers, each doing something different using a five-year-old laptop. Worked great and was perfectly smooth.

    If you have access to Facebook, you can check out the picture here:

    Best regards,

    William Benner