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  1. kecked

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    is there a way to order masks on the timeline so I can have more than a single mask combination in a scene at one time. I’d so I can say affect this track but not that track and do it multiple times.

    Or another way of asking this

    Can I set a mask on track 1 and 2. And then a separate mask that only affects 3 and 4. Ie multiple pairs of masks that occur simultaneously.

    Something like this assign layers to each track then say only be modified by these tracks in a mask.

    Layer 1 affect by layer 2. Layer 3 only affected by layer 4

    A more complex would be a mix
    Layer one affected by layer 2,3,4. Layer 3 only affected by layer 4

  2. Igor Strakhov

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    Hi, Kecked!
    You can try using the "Add to existing mask" and "Dont display this frame" checkboxes.
    Or came a figur with a picture of what you want to.
  3. kecked

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    That worked thanks much! Really I spend hours trying to make that work