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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by jonny wilson, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. jonny wilson

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    Hi there has anyone come across problems loading palettes for individual scanners !!! I have 4 10w rgb lasers 2 phaeon and 2 arctos, I change the palette in LD for the respective scanners and zone, the colours are all fine but when I go back to the timeline and one of the phaeons and an acrtos revert to pre palette setup, I have loaded each pal in advanced pal settings have saved the new pal and made it the default, shut down st2000 and the pc reloaded all again and the same problem !!!!! basically the pal setup dosen't seem to be saving the changes Pleeeeeeeeeeeese help somebody big show 8 week tour many thank all jxxx
  2. aricha

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    try to do it with ST only
    shuting done ST and reopen it
    wouldnt change the settings in the QM
    if you have LD open
  3. jonny wilson

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    many thanks

    many thanks Aricha I give it a try
  4. jonny wilson

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    This might be one for you bill ?

    I did as was suggested just using st2000 and when saving the palette (upgraded to latest software version) I got the message "runtime error code 5" " invalid procedure or call " cheers jonny x
  5. lasero2000

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    multiple palettes

    we have similar problems with multiple palettes, which are made worse as there seems to be no way to check which palette is already loaded for which qm board. therefore on each show we must reload the palettes for each board, using the advanced palette controls, and then visually check the laser output. this is rather cumbersome and time-consuming; and some of our inexperienced operators can neglect to do this, thus compromising the show.

    unfortunately, if we return to the advanced palette controls to try to check which palette was loaded for a particular qm board, the 'load palette' dialogue only shows the last loaded palette which could be either scanner 1, 2, or 3 etc.

    also, strangely enough it seems that if we use the palette wizard to produce a palette for scanner 2 only, an .sp1 palette is also saved.

    a quick and easy way to inspect which palette is currently loaded to which board would be a very useful function.