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    Hi on this video you will see a red beam that stayed on despite blackout on qs been applied. When I stopped a show or cue it just stayed on? I even disabled laser output and it was still on!!
    Now my red does not show at all when I tested it the morning after. I suspect the red diode or what ever has blown?
    The laser is an equinox vixen 7 colour dpss 510mw.
    Any ideas as to what it could be? On the ilda test the t of 'top' is not there anymore.
    Could qs have blown it??
    Oh yeah that wasn't a hot beam left on either.
    Everything was setup as per instruction video ie TTL and RGB.
    This video shows it a bit better!!!!
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    No one ?:eek:
  3. Cyberb0b

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    If the red diode was blown out, it would not work anymore.

    You can try opening the projector color settings in QuickShow.
    Make sure the left slider of the color red is completely to the Left.

    What happens if you remove the ilda cable? Does the output also stop?
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    Hi thanks for the reply.
    Yeah ive come to the conclusion its the red diode has died so its off to repairers:mad:.

    I think it got stuck on after i played a downloaded show from qs site as it was on quite alot but as it was the first time useing it really in a live show didnt really notice apart from a red dot on the far wall lol.

    It seemed to be on when it should be off and off when it should be on so thats what blew it im guessing.
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    Tbh I would have thought moving from one show to another or one cue to another should reset the diodes! Maybe not huh.
    Or did I play a show that was meant for ld2000? Would that cause it to malfunction?
  6. Cyberb0b

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    The problem you describe sounds more like an electronic failure of the driver for the red laser diode.
    A driver failure cant be caused by software, and i doubt if its even possible to cause with the hardware in an FB3.

    Did it ever work okay?

    So if i understand you correctly, the color red goes on, when the fb3 does not send out image?
    When you disconnect the ilda cable, what does the projector do? Does it stil output that red beam?
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    Nah the red doesn't work at all now stand alone or with ilda.
    Basically on the night I used it the red beam stayed on for most of the night without me realising it,under quick show control.
    So somewhere between plugging the ilda cable in and using qs it blew the red?
    It just seemed to go on and get stuck on, it was a constant beam even when I blacked out laser control on quick show.

    Now it has been sent off to place I bought it from for repair as luckily it was only 8 months old however I would hope it doesn't happen again that's why I thought I'd post here to see if it had happend to anyone else.
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    I never got the chance to unplug the ilda cable on the night I just switched off laser at the main to stop red beam as soon as I turned it back on it came back on.
    The following morning I was gonna look at it to see what caused it that's when I discoverd red wasn't working.