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    First, sorry for posting in this thread, but the others seemed to be very quiet and I only have a week to return my laser for a refund.

    I purchased this laser () from ebay with the understanding it was 2.5W based on the price point and the description in the auction. I have received the laser and it is 2.1W not 2.5.

    I contacted the seller and they are trying to argue that output strength of the laser can vary and is the reason they state 2W 2.5W. I have opened the laser and it contained the following lasers.

    Red 1000mw
    Green 300mw
    Blue 800mw

    Is it still possible/probable that my laser will output more than these ratings?

    Here is their full response to my question "It is real up to 2.1W , but like I said laser power is not stable, so we add 2.5 on the title .
    You can purchase another 2W laser light that marked 600$-700$ , compare their differences in eye , then make a decision.
    XDJ2000 is powerful , quality and large angle scanner , analog modulation . It is worth your every penny , and we offer local service , if you have a show coming soon , but light has issue , I usually help my customer to solve problems.
    I can give you one more week to decide refund or not .
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    Please can anyone assist with this?
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    Welcome in the world of lasers.

    Al lot of vendors state the max laser output between a range. in your case 2 to 2.5watt. This is not fair in my opinion but with most cheaper models it is the fact. This maybe due to the rating of the individual laser power and not regarding the loss of the optical components which are also in the laser to combine the colors and even the mirror of the galvo's. So the numebers are laser output powers but not projector laser output power.

    Also color wavelenght is not mentioned always and that is really important.
    for example a 1000mw 650nm(red)+500mW 532nm(green) + 2000mW 445nm(bleu) laser is less visible then a 500mW 635nm + 500mW 532nm + 800mW 463nm.

    So my advice. Always go and see the laser you buy.

    Good luck
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    Thanks for the response. Overall I am happy with the performance and visibility of the laser, I just think I paid more than the going rate compared to similar spec on ebay. It's supposedly manufactured in the US but is clearly an import because of the packaging and manual. The only difference is, it came from Houston rather than directly from China and arrived in 2 days.

    The lasers inside the unit are labeled as:
    Green laser(532nm)300mw,Red laser(635nm)1000mw,Blue laser(450nm)800mw

    I know it's frowned upon to get the cheap ebay lasers, but I don't make any money off this at all. I have it setup in my workshop that double as a hobby club lol so I can't really justify spending the $$$ to get a reputable brand name.

    It's too late for me to return the laser now anyway plus, I have a party coming up for Halloween so I don't want to take it out and not have anything. I guess I'll just read the fine print next time.