Need assistance in creating particular abstract.

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    I use Quickshow 2, and want to create an abstract sheet/beam combination as seen in the attached picture, but don't quite know how to design this.
    Creating a sheet(line) or beam abtract on it's own is easy, but how does one combine both and save it as a single abstract?

    The only way I've managed to do this is to create 1 que as beams, then a 2nd que as sheet (line), then use quick capture to superimpose the two and saving the end result as a new que, but this leaves me with 3 ques, and does not allow me to delete the 1st 2 two ques as they are linked to the 3rd.

    I think there must be an easier way to do this.
    Would appreciate it if someone can advise me on how to create this abstract.


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