Need help creating laser animations

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  1. benji.h.blm

    benji.h.blm Member

    i would like to make a blade with very visible dots evenly spaced along it.

    see image attached for what im after

    can someone help me out?

    i have many of cues like this but i would like to know how to create them

    Ben :)

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  2. vIQleS

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    Sounds like what you're looking for is the frame/animation editor.

    If you've already found the editor and are asking for instructions on how to use it - there's a very good video included with the software... (Click on 'Help')

    ETA: There's also a reasonably good manual, which I found with Google, but every time I try and post a link to it the server crashes (apparently).
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  3. benji.h.blm

    benji.h.blm Member


    i know how to create a frame / animation.

    what im after is a way to create a blade with visible dot along

    i can make it by creating 2 different frames/animations and merging them ... but i find i cant get the dots all in a straight line.

    So all up i want to be able to create it a bit easier if possible
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  4. benji.h.blm

    benji.h.blm Member

    i found a pic of what i want to make ;)

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  5. aricha

    aricha Well-Known Member

    did you look at the video tutorial about Quick Shape?

    go to Quick Shape - select a line and then select Beam mode the button that looks like a snowflake than you have a slider to determine the number of points
  6. benji.h.blm

    benji.h.blm Member


    yer i have done that but i want the fainter line joining the dots ;)
  7. aricha

    aricha Well-Known Member

    so in Quick Shape you make a line and drag it to cue 1
    again in Quick shape you take the same line and make it points(you can chang the color) and drag that to cue 2
    than you drag these 2 cues to Quick Capture and than you drag that to cue 3
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  8. benji.h.blm

    benji.h.blm Member

    thanks to evey one that helped me out ... very great full %)
  9. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Yes, just use the drawing editor to do this. Just right-click on a cue, and say "Create new frame and animation". Then you can use the drawing tools to draw lines joined by dots.

    Note that if you have the POINT tool selected, and you press CTRL when clicking in the drawing window, the system will interpret that as a "bright point" (normally use for beams) at that location.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  10. benji.h.blm

    benji.h.blm Member

    thanks a lot :)