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Discussion in 'Show-ware' started by Selivandr, Feb 20, 2004.

  1. Selivandr

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    Hi, Laserists!
    I have a problem. Could you help me?
    Some ILDA editors (Monkey Tools, Anarchy Editor) do not import DXF drawings. May be I do not understand some features of this soft or of this file extension. My AutoCAD drawings do not convert to ILDA file format.
    One more question: can You explain what should I know (any ILDA rules or laws) to make my own ILDA editor.

    :confused: or

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  2. Pangolin

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    Hi Selivandr,

    It is not surprising that you have been having trouble converting DXF files to laser. We do have a product that will do this very well called Lasershow Converter MAX. With LCMax you can import DXF, AI and many other formats, as well as work directly in 3ds max to create animations. You can read more about it at:

    As far as creating your own ILDA editor, while this may be possible, my question would be "why"? Pangolin's LD2000 software already does a great job of this...

    William Benner
  3. Selivandr

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    Hi Pangolins!
    Creating of animation is not main goal of my hobby. I'm just training in my programming.

    And it seems to me that William Benner is a LD's programmer. Is it true?