Need help with Universe to Midi

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  1. Lasers4Audio

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    Hallo Everybody,

    Hope somebody can help me with a problem for mapping the universe to midi.

    I did make a button that double and half the BPM (not toggle).
    When i try to map this to my midi controller with the next Script:
    <pagename universe>.<buttonname>.value=ExtValue(0,1)

    It works only for one time.
    In the Universe the button get toggled, but in the inspector the toggle mode is off.

    And is there also a way to send led feedback from the pangoscript to midi?

    So hope somebody have the solution for me!

    already a big thanks!
  2. hitekvoop

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    Can you post the code you used for the original button?

    Manipulating the Object's Value property will really only result in a change of the object's display (active, inactive) within the universe window.

    If you want to control the speed from a button within the universe window AND from a button on a midi controller then you should:

    1. Create the button in the universe window and ensure it operates to your liking.
    2. Paste the pangoscript you created in the universe button into the midi event.
    3. Tie the state of the universe and midi controller together by accessing the value property (as you describe) from the midi event, and conversely by adding the appropriate midiout command to the universe button to manipulate the state of the midi controller's lights.

    Does this make sense?