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    hi Everybody;
    I am planning to buy following equipment for outdoor shows.What i can do with this system? can it be effective at the outdoors ? how much distance can this laser become visible and attract attention? also42Khz scanning what does this mean ?what is this frequency for ?And what's the optimum price for this system?
    these is the system that i would like to buy:
    DPSS Laser systems. Full colour selection across the Red, Green and Blue spectrums, low beam divergence, circular output beam and high speed 42 Khz scanning.

    1.5 watt output with a visible brightness of a 3.5watt water cooled three phase laser with an AOTF (Acousto Optic Tuning Filter).available with the option of Millennium or Zion laser control software

    If anybody inform me about anything of this system i'll be glad.i'm new to laser and i'll spend all my money to this business? if it's worth to do that??? i'll decide with your valuable ideas..many thanks..
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    Hi Bcelik0,

    It might be helpful to know exactly who it is (what company) that is selling this system. I am not familiar with the Millenium or Zion laser controllers of which you speak. These certainly are not Pangolin controllers...

    As for 42kHz scanning, this is a non-standard number, so it makes me wonder if this specification is real or not.

  3. bcelik0

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    what r the standart scanning frequencies? what frequency is the best ? and what is this frequency for ? graphics??? what is the minimum power for beam effect in the outdoor shows without hazers?
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    Standard frequencies are generally 12000, 24000, 30000, and 60000. Yes, it is possible to take a system normally designed for 30000 and tune it up a bit, maybe even to something wacky like 37432, but in the end it doesn't make much of a visible difference. It may be surprising, but you really have to increase scanner response by 50% before you perceive and appreciable difference, so anything less is non-standard and non-impressive...