Needs to be added to the LC-max installation

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  1. masterpj

    masterpj Well-Known Member

    Hello Pangolin.

    My first actual post here.

    I was at LEM and I was able to install the max converter there to try it out.

    Even though in the end it didn't work.
    because the installation was likely not properly done the driver wasn't installed well *told that before*

    However on installation of LC-max I noticed something that had not been added yet.

    The option to choose to install the plugin for 3ds max 2011 32/64 bit.
    Even though the plugin works by just copying the plugin from 3ds max 2010 to 3ds max 2011
    *or at least should have if the driver worked when installed properly*

    I just want you to notify that you might need to add this if not done yet.


  2. Cyberb0b

    Cyberb0b Well-Known Member

    Hi Pieter,

    I already know why it would not run @ at the lem.
    If you use an on a 64bit machine you need to use the 32bit version of LC-max .

    If the ld2000 is inside your computer, you can use the 64bit version.

    For a newer version of the LC-max plugin, email Pangolin.
    There is no online distribution source for the LC-max plugin.

    You need to get it directly from Pangolin.
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  3. masterpj

    masterpj Well-Known Member

    Ok thanks for the info.
    Also the 32-bit version didn't work either.
    but I did status checks, it was correctly installed but the other products didn't work.
    It was because the installation did indeed go not well.
    It refused to boot any other program even when a complete install had been done.

    It was not off the CD/dvd but a copy on the usb stick.

    One of the other pangolin partners (not francesco)
    but he copied it for me on his HDD, which took long because there were alot of files.

    after it was done alot of files appeared to be corrupted on the HDD and the setup refused to work because it was corrupted.
    That's ok it will work once I have the CD here ;)

    Thanks cyberbob.

    Also I have nearly all autodesk products so it should be ok.
    I got multiple versions of 3ds max, I got:

    3ds max 2009 *32 bit only*
    3ds max 2010 32/64 bit
    3ds max 2011 32/64 bit <= 3ds max 2011 64 bit is the one I mainly use or 32 bit and if needed for sharing an max file with other people that have older versions, then 2010
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  4. Cyberb0b

    Cyberb0b Well-Known Member

    That was my hard-drive that was corrupt..

    Some had turned off my laptop while the copy was in progress..
    But i am not from Pangolin..

    Just to make it clear :)
  5. masterpj

    masterpj Well-Known Member

    Lol I really thought you was :p
    I thought you worked together with francesco for some reason as he kept calling you for help quite a few times :p

    Ah and that explains the corrupting.
  6. Internatlaser

    Internatlaser Active Member

    Hi Just installed Max 2011 32bit
    The LC9.dlr plug is not working
    Can you tell me if there is a new one for 2011

    Problem Solved;

    Installed 2010 dlr MAX asked for Illustrate dlr found that Installed :
    Running like a new toy
    Will Post if it breaks
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  7. masterpj

    masterpj Well-Known Member

    oh hey internatlaser.
    it does not break.
    in fact 3ds max 2010 and 2011 are extremely similar in the way they are programmed/build.
    They will cause no problems or difference when plugins are interchanged between these 2 versions.
    I can guarantee this 100% =)
  8. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Note that the latest version of Lasershow Converter MAX works with MAX versions 4 through 2013, and with both 32- and 64-bit versions.

    Please contact us directly by email if you'd like the latest version.

    Best regards,

    William Benner