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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Tino, Jan 11, 2007.

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    Hello to everybody,

    As newbie in
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    The Trinity systems do come with software, but it is with a sort of scaled down set of software. A lot of systems (perhaps as high as 50% of our clients) use lasers in a Live application, such as a club. For this reason, the software that comes with these Trinity projectors is quite good for Live type applications, but (depending on your application) maybe not so good for what we might call "studio shows", or pre-programmed graphics or beam shows. However, those projectors do have a DB25 such that you can connect a "normal" Pangolin system to the projector, such as our LD2000 series. The LD2000 series includes Lasershow Video - VST, and other goodies...

    Regarding the largest screen, I think you should inquire with NEO-NEON or with a NEO-NEON dealer about this question...

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    William Benner
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    I have been dealing with Neo-Neon for many years.. Some of there products are great and some not so great. I have even seen the Trinity system in action at there factory. It looks good in action (beam show) but I think the system was 4watt RGB.
    The problem with some of there products from Neo-Neon is the specs are not always acurate.
    I am also in the market for a new RGB system but I'm not sure this will be my choice. I will end up building my own.
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    If you're thinking of building your own projector you really ought to visit

    There's a wealth of information over there as well as some laser and software professionals who give their precious time to help us out ;)

    It's a real friendly forum where you can share your addiction with people who understand :D



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    Neo neon

    Hello guys I was attracted to your topic Neoneon
    I have one of their lasers and STUMPED as to why I am getting intermittent squiggly lines on patterns
    Sometimes they appear like th "heartbeat" wave and then it will go manic in a say "revolving star" pattern.
    I have tried finding the company who may help me fix it and emailed over 20 people but never getting any luck as to why its happening or even advice on how to fix it?:confused:
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    Hey Andy, where are you located? This sounds like a situation where you need to attend a LEM and have someone open that beast up for some exploritory surgery.