Networking FB3 on remote computer

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  1. Stuka

    Stuka Well-Known Member

    I have a QM2000 Intro installed in a micro PC that I access remotely from a laptop running Beyond. (works great when running the LD2000 network app).

    Is there a way to remotely access FB3's that are attached to the USB ports of the same remote computer? ( I don't have access to my gear right now to do any experimenting...)

  2. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    Right now the answer is no, you cannot acces a FB3 over a network like you can a QM2000; when Gemini comes out you will be able to network one or more FB3s like using a QM2000.NET.
  3. sjmackinder

    sjmackinder New Member

    Using FB3's remotely

    I have used 3 x FB3 USB controllers over a link using Ethernet CAT5 USB converters where the remote hub presents 4 USB2 powered ports and the FB3's are completely visible on the PC
  4. Stuka

    Stuka Well-Known Member

    What brand did you specifically use? There seems to be mixed results with these devices, varying greatly between brands / models.