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  1. Hi
    I have in our office one LD2000 card installed in a computer.

    I want to use Lasershow Designer on one computer and Showtime on another computer using our office network. This way, one person can digitize and another person can program using one LD2000 card.
    This worked a couple of month ago on 2 different computers in our office Network.
    For some reason this is not working anymore. I can only use one computer to do both programs within the network at one time.

    Any hints how I can redo this?

    Many greetings and thank you in advannce
  2. Pangolin

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    Hi Yousri,

    Thanks for the contact. I am not sure if you were ever able to run LD2000 on one computer, and simultaneously run Showtime on another computer, while having only one QM2000. Normally when you are using our LD2000 Network configuration, you run the LD2000_Network.EXE program on the computer with the QM2000, and then you can run LD2000 and Showtime on some other computer. This is the typical configuration, but it sounds like this is not quite what you want to do.

    It is possible that, in the past, you used LD2000 on one computer with the network running, and then you shut down the LD2000_Network.EXE program and ran Showtime on the other computer. This is possible, but note that this is not running both LD2000 and Showtime together on two separate computers.

    I do not believe it is possible to run LD2000 on one computer and Showtime on another with only having a single QM2000. If you find a way to do that, please let us know ;-)

    In any event, if you really need to operate two pieces of LD2000-series software, simultaneously, and on two separate computers, you will need another QM2000 board. The second QM2000 board can even be an Intro, which is our lowest cost hardware.

    Let us know if we can give you any further information, or if you have any more questions or comments.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
    Pangolin Laser Systems
  3. Thanks Bill for your information, My art-director and I could swear it worked couple of monthes ago, but it seems we were both wrong. I will put in consideration buying an intro.
    Thanks and kind regards