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    I wouldn't have thought so as the controls will be assigned different hardware settings. Having said that, it wouldn't be a difficult task for someone to modify the existing templates
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    I'm owner of new Akai APC40 MK2.

    It works with beyond. I use midi learning for assign buttons, faders and turn knobs. Trouble with midi out, I see in midi monitor in and out commands, but no one button is flashing.

    I press button, start 1st cue, and want to see any color light 1st button on akai. Is it possible?
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    The template is compatible but you may have to make some alterations to the template for full functionallity with the MKII.
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    Then is possible to use teh new akai apc40 mk2 modifying by pangoscritp to change the color on the new RGB buttons too?

    and all the other funtions that now we use on the old apc40 with beyond?

    thank you for your reply,

    and happy xmas holidays for all pangolinn users and developers! of course!

    Javi Cittadini Laser Spain.
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    Javi, from memory, I believe Bob is the developer at Pangolin that deals with the APC40 mapping. You should be able to contact him via the support form on their website.

    It might be worth dropping him a line to see if there are any plans to support the APC 40 MkII.

    I would imagine there won't be support in the short term as Pangolin would at least want to use up existing stock of the APC40 MkI and skins before supporting version II and that assumes they even want to support version II at all. However, I'm only surmising here and the best way to obtain an answer is to talk to the person charged with APC development and that would so far as I'm aware be Bob.
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    Thank you for your comment i´m talking about this with bob now, i think the stock of akai mk1 is over!

    now its the momment for MKII