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  1. Sid Sloth

    Sid Sloth Well-Known Member

    Hi I'm trying to create an effect of 3 rings spinning on each other kinda like the visual fx in old superman film for the prison. Any idea I tried b3d but can't seem to get rotation and oscillating correct
  2. zerowaitstate

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    advanced image synthasizer
    add a shape - circle > add key effect: rotate "X" -75 degrees(lean over circle on an angle)
    click ok
    add an oscillating effect rotation "Y" start 0 / finish -28 option Linear(continues) + number will spin other direction, lower number slower spin, higher number spin faster
    duplicate item
    edit second shape key effect make rotate "X" 75 degrees
    set the "Y" position on the first shape+ effect to +Y 13 moving it up the Y axis
    set the "Y" position on the second shape+ effect to -Y 13 moving it down the Y axis
    this is two rings if you want more,rinse and repeat adjusting the Y position axis accordingly

    if you wanted to get swanky you could also set up a a brightness cycle that darkens as the rings fall into the distance, you would want to be in analogue mode and using a nicer quality projector for this to be effective.

    i hope this is helpful
  3. Sid Sloth

    Sid Sloth Well-Known Member

    Hi that worked great thanks for your help