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    Hello. I just began thinking about putting my laser to other uses such as a laser show. I have a 1W 532nm laser module and need EVERYTHING else required to do a show. Can you tell me exactly everything I'd need to get a Pangolin system up and running? From what I have researched, I believe I need a scanner, controller, and software but I'm not sure exactly what Pangolin parts those are. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Hi LaserGuy,

    Please take a look at our Projector Connections article, which you can read here:

    The article really doesn't have a "list of ingredients" as it assumes you already have them and want to know the best way to connect them. However, I believe in reading the article you will gain an understanding of what is needed.

    Some other good information can be found in the Laser Resources section of our web site, starting here:

    And since you're just starting out, we would recommend the newest and lowest-cost addition to our product line, called Lasershow Designer QuickShow, which you can learn about here:

    Best regards,

    William Benner