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Discussion in 'FB series of products' started by RickardFourt, Apr 22, 2009.

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    Hello ppl!

    I just got pangoed :D
    Bought an FB3 package from european dealer Francesco in holland. And it just arrived at my doorstep.

    Im new to this forum, so i thought i introduce myself, but have been around bugging ppl with lots of questions at the friendly Photonlexicon forum. Well to lift of some steam from there and as i now am an owner of FB3 Package i thought i shoot some questions here regarding my project.

    What im working on right now is an 5watt RGBV projector, i have been working with laser for a long time but mostly as a crew member for "LaserMedia Sweden", setting up mirrors and aligning beammirror from beamtables and old steady Argon Lasers (Spectra phyics), although i never got the economy back then to buy me one of those expencive machines, but now with cheaper DPSS technoligy my dream has come true. :)

    Anyway im building a box with the lasers inside and then a beamtable ontop, quite normal i would say, although now days i have seen that many or should i say almoust everyone is skipping the beamtables and actuators/solenoids to position the beams and instead only run with Scanners. I can see why, as the scanner now days perform really fast and steady. But i would say that a steady beamtable with alot of actuators/solenoids running in seqeunce/dmx controlled can bring you the coolest of beamshows.

    Anyway now to my question.
    I have 10 actuators i want to hook up, back in the days we just used an "Running Light" controller and changed the output power to switch "on and off" the actuators.

    Now im wondering if this can be achived from the DMX side of the FB3 package. im quite sure Francesco said something about DMX being included, cant really remember we only spoke on the phone really fast.

    My actuators need atleast 9Volt but preferably 12Volt.

    Im not quite sure how i would do to set this up. and if posible to run from either the FB3 software or and DMX controller. does DMX give out that kind of voltage?

    anyway.. thank you
    and tonight after work i will test my new FB3 package. excited. :bounce: :bounce:
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    as already said, FB3 can receive USB input or DMX input.

    DMX-input is add-on card for Flashback, so I do not know if you have it or not. See your Manual.
    LiveQuick or LivePro for Flachback can not output DMX signal.

    You can use LiveQuick to upload cues to Flashback using USB cable.
    Then use standard mixer for intelligent lightning (or PC software with DMX dongle), that outputs DMX signal. With this you can control all of the functions of FB3 + all your actuators on beamtable.