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    I wasn’t sure if I should post this in the Networking or PangoScript forum, but decided it was of potential interest to anyone using BEYOND Advanced, so I’m putting it here.

    If you run shows along with DJs who are performing on Pioneer equipment that supports the Pro DJ Link network protocol (ideally Nexus or later), I’ve just written up an example of how you can use my free, open-source Beat Link Trigger software to precisely synchronize the BPM within BEYOND to the Pioneer gear, and trigger laser cues when specific beats in specific tracks are reached.

    You can find it in the user guide; either use the Table of Contents to jump to the BEYOND section, or just search for BEYOND.

    If it sounds interesting, download and installation instructions are on the main project page.

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    This is really cool. Great work and thanks for sharing!

    I'm a dev by trade (laserist by hobby) and am keen to do something similar - audio fingerprinting (eg Shazam, AudioTag, Google Now's Sound Search) to guide the selection of cues via criteria & categorisation.

    I heard the Pangolin guys are going to do some plugins for Pioneer Serato and NI Traktor.

    Anyway, just wanted to say congratulations on your effort and kudos for the contribution. I'll keep an eye out for your developments, I'm on GitHub too using the same alias as here :)

    Jeremy (Jezza) Thompson
    Dip. Bus. | MCAD | MCSD
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    Thanks! I have followed you in GitHub so I can see if you release anything along those lines, they sound like really interesting ideas, and ones that would be closely related to directions I am interested in exploring in my main project, Afterglow. It is a DMX lighting controller designed to host deeply algorithmic custom effects which are tied to the rhythm structure of the music, and I am definitely interested in adding audio analysis to it. Beat Link Trigger was created as a spinoff project because I realized the DJ Link synchronization would be useful to people who are not using Afterglow.
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    Oh, and I meant to say that like you, I am a software developer by trade, and DJ and produce light and laser shows as an artistic side effort. :)
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    Sounds cool! Will check it out.