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Discussion in 'FB series of products' started by Dimples, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Dimples

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    I'm new to Lasers and bought a cheap Chinese laser off eBay. I'm trying to get control of the laser though an FB3QS bought from Pangolin. So far nothing has worked. If I can get control, I can learn to program the laser and I want to upgrade to Pangolins 6000MW system. Just trying to learn. So far the FB3 will only go green. Doesn't change color when I enable laser output. Using a windows 10 machine and their windows 7 software. I can find DMX address ports in my lasers menus, but nothing about ILDA. Any suggestions?
  2. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    If the FB3 is still green when QuickShow was opened, the controller was not initialised.

    Please download the latest full version of QuickShow from our support page here.

    During installation, you will be prompted to install a driver.
    Install this driver for the FB3 as well.

    Then try to re-launch QuickShow and see if the FB3 appears in the bottom status bar of the application.
    Once it is online, the light on the FB3 will burn yellow.
  3. Dimples

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    Thanks Bob! The FB3 didn't come with software and I was trying to use the demo version. Downloading the 4.0 version got it working. I appreciate your prompt response!
  4. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    I suspected something like that already. No problem at all!