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    Hey everyone, glad to finally be a part of the family of enjoying the control of lasers! Any who, I am trying to get started and my lasers seem to be working fine other than they are only projecting the bottom 50% of a graphic. Then for the top half it is all condensed into the center horizontal line. I will post pictures next. I uninstalled and re-installed QS, as well as the drivers with the same outcome. I also have switched through a few of my lasers. I bought this system used, and the original owners haven't seen this problem. I did have them fully demo it for me before I purchased everything so I know they work. I have two FB3s.

    Hope someone can help! Thanks!
  2. Greatwood

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    Here are a few pictures. I really don't have a clue, I've switched everything out. Already looked at the parameters with setting up and everything looks fine according to videos on youtube. Thanks!

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  3. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Are you getting the same thing from multiple lasers AND multiple FB3s? :eek:
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    Yep :/ I finally got it to play correctly when setting up parameters, but when I want to play it with the graphics it shuts down. It's acting like it doesn't like channel 1 whatever FB3 is in that position. I think I may have faulty FB3s. Which would entirely suck.
    I disconnected the lasers and they play just fine by themselves. Just to make sure my units werent broken.
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    Looks like I'm going to have to post a video of exactly what is going on. I will do that tomorrow. If I can't find the answer tonight after I get off of work.
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    It may also be the ILDA cable you are using or some connection with the ILDA connector. I could understand if it was the whole Y axis not getting power but only half of the y axis confuses me. I have requested back up though. :cool:
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    Yeah, I tried 4 cables... no luck.
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    Progress! I think...

    So when testing out the size and position, in the projector settings. I am able to select different test zones. Most of the user enabled ones I select enable me to use the full projector. But as soon as I leave that area to try it out. It just goes back to what it was. Is there a place I can change what zones my projectors are saved into?
    Before retesting the zoning, If I were to invert the Y-axis it projects absolutely nothing. I'm sure my terminology is off, but I'll get the hang of it soon!

    Also: I automatically have to flip the X-axis in order to read the word "TOP" forwards. I don't know if that is any form of a hint.

    Any help is much appreciated!
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    So being the novice I am, I selected the beginners settings option to begin with. Meaning from my view I didn't have the option to change zones. Then after exhausting all options I remembered about selecting beginner. Of course there are a whole ton more things I can do. Should have been here in the first place.
    Anyway, it seems like every single zone I had a messed up X-Axis, went and changed the "position" option and of course one worked. So I went down and reset every single one. And presto. Problem solved.

    Sorry to bother you guys! Lol, and thank you for reaching out so quick! I was afraid this site would be pretty dead seeing there aren't many active users.

    Best Regards,
    Eric Greatwood
  10. Pangolin

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    Looking at your pictures, it appears to me as though the cause can be only one of two things:

    1. An op-amp or possibly power amplifier in the Y scanner amplifier is blown. This gives only positive, or negative voltage, but not a uniform upward and downward voltage swing.

    2. The final op-amp inside the FB3 is blown, in a similar was as described above.

    Either of these would cause what I am seeing. Now the question is -- which one is it -- your projector, or the FB3?

    Currently there are literally tens of thousands of FB3 in the field, with only a handful of failures seen over the past seven years. A problem inside the FB3 is a distinct possibility, but is not likely. On the other hand, we've seen a lot of sub-standard projectors and the quality control (QC) checkout procedure on projectors is lacking with a lot of vendors.

    If you are in an area near another laserist, then you and he could get together and swap equipment and such -- to isolate where the problem is. This would be the easiest possibility and it would tell you for sure and quickly where the problem lies.

    Best regards,

    William Benner