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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by Chris Lee, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Chris Lee

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    Hi all.
    New here just taken the plunge and brought quick show, could do with some help and advice. Have loaded the software on and sorted out the driver. A nice green light appears , then when the quickshow is open this turns to a yellow. Every thing that side seems to be working.

    Have set up as an intermidate user. I have many years experince in programing martin Lights with Light jocky so no real stranger.

    The problem I have at this time is that the laser will not run its a cheapish Ekho Phoniex RGB 500 mw laser, I have two, I plan to daisy chain. I cant find about the following ,what scanner speed and,TTL or analogue. the test stuff baffles me at the moment, will this need to be done with the laser working ,its powered up but no activitity.
    What DOES THE DMX SETTINGS NEED TO BE SET AT ,OR DOES QUICK show override this. Sorry if these are basic questions.
    Kind regards.
  2. smokeAndMirrors

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    Hi Chris:

    DMX settings are irrelevant. An ILDA signal will (or should!) disable the internal programs on your projector.

    The first thing to remember - and this usually catches me out! - is to ensure that the button "Enable laser" at the top right is pressed :)

    Come back to me if you still see nothing.
  3. Chris Lee

    Chris Lee Member

    Hi smokes and mirrors.
    Thanks for the info have got passed the enable button, as when this is active the green light on the driver changes to yellow, think its in the set up of the projector, the test setup item and colour.
    I assume the quick show and projector do not automatically talk to each other, the quick settings process you have to go through.this I feel may be the problem when connected up to the laptop driver and lead its just a red main light in the projector thats active, does this sound about right.
    Cheers .
  4. smokeAndMirrors

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    The next issue to cover is the setup of projectors and the projection zones.

    1. Go to Settings>Projector Settings. Select your projector from the combo box at the top. Click "Show it now" at the top right of the dialog. You should see a test pattern - do you?
  5. Chris Lee

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    hi yes.

    I got it sorted have been running the quick for a few hours now, ,what a piece of kit!! going to have some fun with this, just ordered up a y splitter so I can run two RGB`S which I have ,they will do the same but it would appear if your clever with what you programe then you can get away with it.

    Will sit down and get in to my head the help clips!!! have sussed out how to save run a time time and virtual DJ,so were moving quite quickly here. Thanks for your help will keep you posted as to my progress, have registed for the upload down load from Pangolin for the lazer shows.

    Kind regards.