New version not working.

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  1. Yogy

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    Ver 5.03A, no run in Windows 98 SE with all updates and win/frameworks 2.0
    Ver 5.00 all fine.
  2. lasero2000

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    v5.03 not working

    hi yogy.

    are you using the LD2000_Networking driver? if so, i had a similar problem one one system when updating to v5.03. [other identical systems worked ok].

    the error message was:--

    Run-time error '453':
    Can't find DLL entry point GetNumberOfBoardsFromINI in LD2000.DLL

    with bill's help i found that the LD2000.DLL and LD2000.QMS files in the windows directory were not being correctly overwritten by the installer.

    i had to manually delete these files and then copy them from another location. even if the files seemed to be the correct version, there was still a problem. the 'timestamp' often showed the difference.

    also you should check for duplicate copies of these 2 files on your pc. there should be only 1x LD2000.QMS [in the windows directory], and 2x LD2000.DLL files [one in the windows directory, and one in the LD2000/network folder. delete any others that a search shows.

    remember to specify to look at hidden and system files.

    hope this helps....
  3. Yogy

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    Thanks Lasero2000

    I'm gone try this.
    Done everything you told me and no good. (check dll and qms Ver. 5.03 and Time Stamp 9/10/2009 5:03 AM)
    In Windows/System and LD/Network
    And in showtime the error shows Custom control library is only licensed for use with Pangolin S...
    Also in the no-networking version of the DLL is not working.
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