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    When starting QuickShow, I have this message yesterday (10.31.2015) 2 pc on telling me to install the latest version. I am already at version 2.7 build 447.

    How to avoid this message and then or is the new version?

    thanks for your answer

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    Yes, I get the message, but no new QS version, the text and clock bug have.
    I can't understand what is this, but the 2.5 version is better than 2.7.
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    Thanks for the messages guys!

    QuickShow build 456 is available in the Downloads section of the Pangolin website right now. If you download and install it, then the message (about a software update being available -- which is true) and the problem with the text (solved by the software update) will go away.

    By the way, within a short time we will have an even newer build of QuickShow published. The newer build has particular improvements for FB4, but also solves a problem with loading certain workspace files.

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    William Benner