Newly downloaded TraceIT doesn't start

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by Marcel B, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Marcel B

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    I have downloaded the TracIT file but unfortunately after agreeing to the license just a window pops up telling me an error occurred. I have filled in the form that goes with the alert to report this error but sending it just reports another error: that the message couldn't been sent. After closing the message and restarting TraceIT there pops up sort of a small info window as you always have it with starting an application. I guess it tells something about the program itself during its loading but it just disappears just a few parts of a second after popping up and nothing else happens. This happens also, when I have rebooted the computer, when the internet connection is on, and LD2000 as well as ST2000 is running.
    I work with Windows XP Media Center Edition on a laptop computer and a LD2000 Pro in a I tried running TraceIT with the LD2000 and ST2000 running as well as shut down - it's all the same result.

    Any idea? Thanks!

  2. Stuka

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    Did Pangolin send you a QM2000 version of TraceIT, or did you download it from the "Update files" page of the web site?

    That one is for the FB3...
  3. Marcel B

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    Thanks stuka,

    I used the link that I found in the thread "Where to download Traceit":
    If that is an FB3 version, I guess you suggest to ask Pangolin directly for a LD2000 version – or is there any link for downloading it that you can share?

    Best: Marcel
  4. Stuka

    Stuka Well-Known Member

    Don't know if it's still available -
    I believe that is part of the "LAStudio" suite that is discontinued.

    But, worth at try - drop them an e-mail and see what happens...:)
  5. Pangolin

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    TraceIT is already part of the LD2000 update. You do not need a separate link for TraceIT. Just install LD2000 install media or the LD2000 update found on our web site, and TraceIT will be installed.
  6. Stuka

    Stuka Well-Known Member

    Guess that explains why I still have it -
    the memory banks aren't as sharp as they used to be! :eek: :p