No laser output please help! (UPDATE PROBLEM SOLVED)

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  1. Steve Quinn

    Steve Quinn New Member

    Hi everyone, we need your help with a real head-scratcher of a problem. Both of these setups were working perfectly when setup 2 days ago.

    (UPDATE SINCE I WROTE THIS: we noticed an error message at the bottom left hand side of quickshow that says:
    Detected multiple applications in the network
    Quickshow at LAPTOP-1
    Multiple applications might create connection problems
    Hopefully this is our problem.... We only have fb3's, no networking and the laptops/setups are not connected even by wifi so not sure how networking is involved!

    The symptoms of the problem are below....

    We have no actual output to our lasers (kvants and laserworlds), the fb3's seem to be behaving properly with green on startup, yellow when connected to a laptop, slow red when connected to laser and no cue and a faster red when we press a cue. We have checked there is no demo output selected nor is it outputting to a different zone which is the advice we read on the forum for someone with similar problems.

    Here comes all the headscratching bit....

    This is happening exactly the same on 2 x 2w kvant clubmax's (connected to 1 laptop + 1 fb3) and 2 x 1w laserworlds (connected to 1 laptop + 1 fb3). The fans are running on the lasers, we have tried different ilda's and different fb3/usb cables. We have removed the fb3's from quickshow and re-added them. We have also uninstalled and reinstalled quickshow on both laptops all to no effect.

    The laserworlds have an auto function and when they are not connected to the fb3 work fine. We have also connected a 3w Kvant that didn't come with us to the gig and that is the same, i.e. no output so we feel its unlikely the lasers are damaged.

    ps, the fb3's aren't fake as I bought it direct from Pangolin to ensure no problems like that.

    We are very grateful for any help.
  2. Igor Strakhov

    Igor Strakhov Staff Member

    Hi, Steve!
    It would be great if you could write down what your problem was.
    This could help other users.
  3. Steve Quinn

    Steve Quinn New Member

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure I can explain this clearly as I am not a technical person and phrases like 'ensure the power is on' and 'turn on the key' may as well be written in chinese!! But I will try:

    My partner 'forgot to put a key in the unit' hehe

    For anyone who English is not your strongest language I am being very sarcastic and making fun of my friend just a little bit. I think its fair to say that if we have any problems in future we will both look to the key slot first :)
  4. Igor Strakhov

    Igor Strakhov Staff Member

    Thanks, Steve! This is valuable advice! ;)