No music?

Discussion in 'Pangolin Cloud' started by subnautik, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. subnautik

    subnautik Member

    I've tried to download a couple shows off pangolin cloud. Does it not come with the synced up music?
  2. olegas06

    olegas06 New Member

    I support the question.
  3. epyn

    epyn Member

    There are no any audio content on the Cloud. Read the show's author remarks .You should find what is the suggested audio for the show.
  4. PhillD

    PhillD Beta Tester

    granted you can read what the suggested audio is but, without hearing the music, the cloud service is at a huge disadvantage to the old site. Hearing the music with the video is what draws you in, without it, you are simply seeing a bunch of random animations on screen. I understand there's a licensing issue with including the audio but, people post laser videos with music to YouTube all the time. I really doubt anyone would try and rip the audio from the videos anyway because they tend to be lower quality and not suitable for audience playback.

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