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    i have a laser with 3 tubes in it running off a qm2000. when i select my patterns, i can see the galvos movinig but there is no output from any of the tubes. i have tried formatting the computer and reinstalling the pangolin software with the 3.5 update and still no output. Also, i have tried the laser on another compter using the same card and software and the laser works fine so i know its not the laser at fault.

    is this a hardware or software problem? if it is a software problem, how can it be rectified?
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    Hello LSC,

    There should only be a few causes for "no light output" as you describe:
    1. Some kind of problem with the QM2000 board itself
    2. Some kind of problem with your cabling, or connections
    3. You have the "Brightness" turned all the way down, in Projector Settings dialog box
    4. You have trained a palette which basically tells the software not to output any laser light

    Numbers 3 and 4 are unlikely, since you have reinstalled the software, which would generally re-initialize the settings to default values.

    With this being the case, I suggest you check your connections and cables. If you can not find a problem, you can send the QM2000 to Pangolin for analysis and possible repair. When sending hardware to Pangolin, please follow the recommendations on this page:

    Best regards,

    William Benner